"What Would Uncle Grandpa Do?" }} }}
Uncle Grandpa What Would Uncle Grandpa Do Title Card
Short: "Zombie Mayhem"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  David Gemmill
Kenny Pittenger
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbott
Pete Browngardt
Casey Alexander


Uncle Grandpa Will Asking All Of Friends A Question.

Character AppearancesEdit

  • Uncle Grandpa
  • Belly Bag
  • Mr. Gus
  • Pizza Steve
  • Giant Realistic Flying Tiger
  • Tiny Miracle The Robot Boy
  • Frankenstein
  • Lily
  • Riley
  • Josie
  • Tony
  • Nacho Cheese




(Uncle Grandpa Head Zooms In)

Uncle Grandpa: Going Up And Going Down.

(Uncle Grandpa Head Explodes And Uncle Grandpa Logo With A Cartoon Network Original Is Showing)

At The UG RV

Uncle Grandpa: Well, I Guess It's Time For A Moment You All Been Waiting For.

(Trumpets Is Making A Funny Noises)

Uncle Grandpa: DUCK DUCK GOOSE!

Pizza Steve: Hooray For A Duck Duck Goose Game! Pizza Steeeeeeve Is On This Gaaaaaaaame!!!

Uncle Grandpa: Okay, Guys. Are You Ready?

Mr. Gus And Pizza Steve: Yeah!

GRFT: (Roars)

Uncle Grandpa: Okay. Duck. Duck. GOOSE!

Mr. Gus: HEY!!

(Mr. Gus Chases Uncle Grandpa)

Mr. Gus: Oh No, You Don't! Wah! Oof!

Uncle Grandpa: Hehehe! That Was Fun! And Now It's Time To Play What Would Uncle Grandpa Do. And That's For Me, I Guess. (Giggles) Okay, Belly Buddy, What Would Uncle Grandpa Do?

Belly Bag: You're Doing A Lot More Helping Your Friends, Uncle Grandpa.

Uncle Grandpa: Yeah. That's How There It Is, Huh, Belly Bag?

Belly Bag: Sure It Was.

Uncle Grandpa: Mr. Gus, What Would Uncle Grandpa Do?

Mr. Gus: Man, I Don't Have Time For This. (Walks Away)

Uncle Grandpa: And What Would Uncle Grandpa Do, Pizza Steve?

Pizza Steve: How Very Selfish, Uncle G. I Gotta Go For A Walk.

Uncle Grandpa: WAIT! PIZZA STEVE!! (Sighs) So, Giant Realistic Flying Tiger, What Would Uncle Grandpa Do?

GRFT: (Roars Angrily)

(Giant Realistic Flying Tiger Flies Away At The UG RV)

Uncle Grandpa: Man, That Would Be The Worst Questions Yet. But I Know How To Solve This Problem! To Ask All The Friends.

Uncle Grandpa: Excuse Me, What Would Uncle Grandpa Do?

Tiny Miracle: I Don't Know What I'm Saying To You, Uncle Grandpa.

Uncle Grandpa: Frankenstein, What Would Uncle Grandpa Do?

Frankenstein: (Angry) RAAAAHH!!!

Uncle Grandpa: Sorry, Frankie!

In The CityEdit

Uncle Grandpa: What Would Uncle Grandpa Do, Lily?

Lily: I Got... Nothing.

Uncle Grandpa: No! Hey, Riley! What Would Uncle Grandpa Do?

Riley: Psst! That Was So Selfish, Uncle Grandpa. Besides, I Don't Have A Good Questions To Fix With It.

Uncle Grandpa: Oh USE!!! Hey, Josie! What Would Uncle Grandpa Do?!?

Josie: This Is Nothing To Any Of These Questions, You Know?

Uncle Grandpa: COME ON!! PLEASE, JOSIE!

Josie: At This Point, No.

(Uncle Grandpa Shocked)

Uncle Grandpa: Nacho Cheese! What Would Uncle Grandpa Do?

Nacho Cheese: I Don't Know, Uncle Grandpa. But I Don't Think It Wasn't Such A Good Idea After All.

Uncle Grandpa: But Why Not?

Nacho Cheese: Because We're Leaving.

Uncle Grandpa: Wait, Don't Leave, Nacho Cheese! Oh Man! If He Doesn't Give Any Questions, What Would Uncle Grandpa Do? (Echos Like A Canyon) What Would Uncle Grandpa Do? (4x)

(Rumbling Sound)

Uncle Grandpa: Hey! What's Happening?!?


Uncle Grandpa: (Gasps) TONY!! What Would Uncle Grandpa Do?


Uncle Grandpa: AHHHH!!!!

(Uncle Grandpa Chases Tony)

At The UG RVEdit

Uncle Grandpa: Mr. Gus And Pizza Steve!! OY!!

(Tony Grabs Uncle Grandpa)

Tony: I'VE GOT YOU NOW! (Evil Laughter)

Uncle Grandpa: (Echos) AAHHHHH!!!!

Mr. Gus: UNCLE GRANDPA! Tony, Put Uncle Grandpa Down Right NOW!

Tony: Oh No, You Don't.

(Tony Punches Mr. Gus)

Mr. Gus: AAAHHHH!!!! OOF! I Slept. (Faints)

Uncle Grandpa: Pizza Steve, You've Gotta Do Something!

Pizza Steve: Do Something? WAIT! THAT'S IT! I Know What To Do! The Maximum Italian Karate!! HIII-YAAH!!

(Tony Punches Pizza Steve)

Pizza Steve: AHHH!!! OOF!! (Muffled) Ow.

Uncle Grandpa: PIZZA STEVE!! Hey, Jerkball!

Tony: Huh?

Uncle Grandpa: If You Hard The Questions Like That, Now Feast Your Eyes On This!

(Uncle Grandpa Punches Tony)


Uncle Grandpa: Don't Even Think About Coming Back.

Belly Bag: You Did It, Uncle Grandpa! You Punched Tony!

Uncle Grandpa: I Know, Right? Mr. Gus, What Would Uncle Grandpa Do?

Mr. Gus: No, Uncle Grandpa, What Would Uncle Grandpa Do, Pizza Steve?

Pizza Steve: I Don't Know, Mr. Gus. Tiger, What Would Uncle Grandpa Do?

GRFT: (Roars Twice)

Belly Bag: I Really Don't Know, Tiger. What Would Uncle Grandpa Do, Uncle Grandpa?

Uncle Grandpa: No, What Would Uncle Grandpa Do?

Mr. Gus: No, What Would Uncle Grandpa Do?

Pizza Steve: No, What Would Uncle Grandpa Do?

GRFT: (Roars Twice)

Belly Bag: No, What Would Uncle Grandpa Do?

Uncle Grandpa: No, What Would Uncle Grandpa Do?

Zombie MayhemEdit

Uncle Grandpa, Belly Bag, Pizza Steve And Mr. Gus: AAAHHHH!!!


Pizza Steve: We're Afraid Of Zombies, Uncle G! That Zombie Is Going To Eat My Brains!!!

Uncle Grandpa: There Is No Way To Escape, Pizza Steve. And I Know Just What To Do. Belly Bag, Can You Give Me My Laser Hammer.

Belly Bag: My Pleasure, Uncle Grandpa!

Uncle Grandpa: Thanks, Belly Bag! Take That, You Big Dumb Monster Headed Zombies!

(Uncle Grandpa Zaps All The Zombies)

Uncle Grandpa: Aw Yeah!

(Uncle Grandpa Saws All A Bunch Of Zombies)

Uncle Grandpa: Uh-Oh, Pistachio.

Mr. Gus: Uncle Grandpa, You've Gotta Do Something!


Uncle Grandpa: Alrighty Guys, I Know How To Do Something.

Mr. Gus: What Is It, Uncle Grandpa?

Uncle Grandpa: THIS IS MY SWORD!

(Uncle Grandpa Slices All The Zombies Apart)

Uncle Grandpa: Take This! And This! And That! And That! And ALL OF THEM! Alrighty Then, Your Playtime Is Over, Zombies! HI-YAH!

(Uncle Grandpa Slices All A Bunch Of Zombies Apart)

Uncle Grandpa: Looks Like My Work Here Is Done.

Mr. Gus: Good Job, Uncle Grandpa!

Pizza Steve: You Defeated ALL A Bunch Of Zombies, Uncle G.

Uncle Grandpa: Anytime, Pizza Steve And Mr. Gus. Oh! Look At That! It's Spaghetti And Meatballs! My Favorite Food You Will Ever Needed.

(Uncle Grandpa Is Eating Spaghetti And Meatballs)

(Mr. Gus Is Making A Facepalm)

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