"Uncle Grandpa: History by Attack Light!!" is a video game in app iPod touch, iPad and iPhone. It aired on Fall 17, 2015.






Playable CharactersEdit

  1. Uncle Grandpa
  2. Belly Bag
  3. Pizza Steve
  4. Mr. Gus

Minor CharactersEdit

  1. Giant Realistic Flying Tiger
  2. Tiny Miracle
  3. Melvin
  4. Belly Kid

Boss CharactersEdit

  1. Night Wolves
  2. Zombies
  3. Evil Light

Brief Cameo CharactersEdit

  1. Belly Mom
  2. Beary Nice
  3. Austin
  4. Riley
  5. Adam


  • The title card game is seen, the title reference is to Steven Universe: Attack the Light. But it also a parody character called: "Evil Light".
  • History by Attack Light!! is also has 2 exclamation points everyday in this game app.

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